Cannaliz is about the unique relationship you can have with a plant taking care of you
CBD | Full Spectrum | 100%Organic | Swiss made | Respect

CBD (Cannabidiol) is been recognized for its calming and channelling effects. This molecule provides many applications in the field of well-being for people that are: stressed, anxious, dispersed, agitated, and much more. With <0.2% THC, some people call it legal Cannabis, CBD rich; all Cannaliz products are made with extracts made from industrial hemp from the European catalogue; this hemp is cultivated by farmers in Switzerland, in France, in Spain, across Europe, as these strains contain less than 0.2% of THC. Hemp is naturally loaded with cannabinoids, and is also used for making food, or cloths.

With Cannaliz it's about synergies, the totum of the plant, full spectrum, entourage effect; the entire plant is being considered; cannabinoids (CBD, THC; CBDA, THCA, CBG, CBGA, ...), terpenes, essential oils, etc... With CBD, some people say they become calm, realigned with themself, and gain serenity. It’s a 100% natural and full extract. Cannaliz products are created in Switzerland, in a laboratory in Geneva and provides CBD eliquid, CBD vape pen and CBD oil. ; legal in Europe

Enjoy the natural taste and feel the benefits of our very fine hemp extraction; fell good, fell calm. This e-boutique, allows CBD delivery in few days; extracts from the latest productions. Cannaliz "Europe" is the official European shop for all Cannaliz Euro-compatible CBD products with THC levels <0.2%; CBD France (, CBD Belgium (, CBD Spain (, CBD Italy (, CBD Holland (, sont redirigés sur notre site européen en ".eu". Swiss made products are directly imported in France in order to be sold on the French and European market.